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It’s the end of another year and I can’t believe how quick it’s gone by, each year seems to get shorter?

This video is a mash up of clips I’ve uploaded to YouTube over the past year, if you like it please check out the channel and subscribe. If you've got any comments or ideas please add them in the forum…

Over the next year I’ve got more content to add, including some actual "How to Videos" as there's a shortage on the site. Also I have purchased an SLT camera and a good indoor USB mic. Up till now I’ve used a handycam, mobile phone and two action cameras.

Next to improve the quality of my videos I need to find a good lens and a mic for outside, I’m not really sure if I should use either a barrel mic or lapel microphone, so any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for visiting the site and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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