One of the first questions I came across with the OrangeRX module and receiver was "How do I bind the receiver to my Turnigy 9XR handset". The instructions included weren't very good but I eventually figured it out.

If you want to know how to bind them together follow these short steps. I have also included a YouTube video at the end of this article.

Step 1) Plug your OrangeRX Module into the back of your Turnigy handset, make sure the antenna is srewed on correctly.

Orange DSM2 Module

Step 2) Plug your servos and speed controller into the receiver as indicated by the label on top. Then plug the bind plug which came with the receiver into the port marked "Batt / Bind".

OrangeRX R620

Step 3) Next connect your lipo battery to your speed controller, you will then see an orange light flash rapidly on the OrangeRX receiver.

Orange TX R620 LED Flashing

Step 4) On the module which you have plugged into your handset there are 2 buttons, one label "Change ID" and one labeled "Bind". Press and hold down the bind button and turn on your handset. After about 5 seconds you should here a beep and the light on the receiver will change speed and flash slowly.

Thats it, switch everthing off and remove your bind plug. Its now ready for flying!

Binding Turnigy Handset

The kit I've used for this short guide is the OrangeRX R620 receiver, "this is a full range receiver" and the OrangeRX DSM2 (JR connector type) Module, which fits straight into the back of the Turnigy 9XR handset.

You can also see this short video guide below!

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