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At last! I finally purchased a GPS tracker.... I wanted to know how fast these foam models can fly and which ones were the quickest!

I wondered would it be the small and light models or the large and powerful ones. To help find out, enter the Quanum GPS tracker V2...

Quanum GPS Tracker

As per the name this is a GPS tracker that can log data. It tracks its location, distance travelled, time and maximum speed. I purchased this one from ebay but its sold on the Hobbyking website for about £35 pounds. Any logged data can be viewed on its cool blue LCD display or downloaded to a PC as a NMEA file, I have not tried this yet as you need to buy a mini serial cable! The logger itself feels sturdy and seems fairly easy to use (unfortunately I tested how well it handles a crash, and it works well!!). There are four modes which you scroll through using buttons on the side. The modes are; 1) Navigation - current location information, 2) Logging - basically start the logging, 3) View Data and 4) Connect to PC.

So far I've had limited use due to the weather here in the UK but I have noticed it seems a little bulky, especially with smaller models.

Please keep a look out for my upcoming videos, where hopefully you will see this in action!

Side view 2 of Quanum GPS


Tech Specs Taken From The HobbyKing Website:

Receiver: NEO-6M U-BLOX

Max Speed Recording: 1000km/h

Sensitivity: -161 dBm (Tracking & Navigation)

Accuracy: 2.5 m (GPS), 2.0 m (SBAS)

Cold Start: 27 s approx.

Navigation: UTC date and time, geographic coordinates, time, speed, course

Logging: geographic coordinates, date and time, speed, course, distance (up to 100km)

Logging time: >1000 hours

Logging ON/OFF Control: Manual, RC (1520us)

Voltage: 4.5V ~ 6.5V

Current: 80mA typical

Size: 24 x 77 x 18mm

Weigh: 43g

Side view of Quanum GPS

First Look Video!

A Short Test at Home! The Planet Rotates...

A Proper Test Down The Airfield!

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