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Close up of swamp boat

Yep its a boat, the Swamp Dawg fan boat! modelled on the air boat, the type you might see out on the Florida Everglades. With its flat bottom hull and electric motor mounted on the back, it gets pushed along at a surprising rate of knot's. .. Not sure what a croc might say if you tried to float this past him tho.. ;)

Swamp dawg boat fan boat

Anyway for what it is it offers quite some fun! To build it took me about an hour or so as there were no instructions in the box!! I ended up making quite a few mistakes .... back track..little..bit..O. bu***r!

The boat is an (ARR) "Almost Ready to Run", so nearly everything is included in the box. You just need to add your own receiver, ESC and 2 cell lipo battery. For anybody who wants to know what the build process is, its as follows; fix the rudder servo in place with control horns/bars, make up and attach the motor mount, solder and fix motor, clip on/build fan cage with rudders, finally fit the ESC, receiver, battery and your done!

Swamp dawg build

Swamp dawg build photo 2 of motor mount

Swamp dawg build photo 3, finished boat

Tech Specs:

Length: 47.9 cm

Width: 19 cm

Height: 19.6 cm

Prop size: 5.5 Inches

Motor: 2300kv Brushless Outrunner

ESC: 20A

Battery Compartment Size: L 7cm x W 4cm x H 2cm

Having built the Swamp Dawg it was time to take it out, see the video!

This is another video I found online, whoever it is gets up some speed!

And finally I bumped across this one and added it to the forum, it made me laugh...


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