Mission: To Reuse a Crashed Bixler

Bixboat Cardboard Mockup

Today I was looking through all the stuff I seemed to of being hoarding when I came across my first RC plane. It was a second hand Bixler purchased from a friend, and although one servo had become faulty which I had replaced, it flew pretty well. Unfortunately this plane had a short life with me at the controls and ended up being plunged into the ground with some stupid aerobatics. Being a resourceful person I decided to try and rebuild and reuse parts of the plane to create something which could carry a large amount of weight, i.e. FPV/camera kit as this is what I was getting into! So, using some bathroom tile trim it was turned into something, what I called the Franken Bixler... it looked like some sort of Frankenstein monster thing, photo below.

The frankin bixler

During the first flight it glided well, I had increased the wing span slightly,changed the tail to be in a "T" configuration and added winglets. The plane seem to be able to fly at a slow speed without stalling and with the "T" tail it moved a little smoother, although when turning sharply the plane became very unstable (I think this was down to the body of the plane not been ridgid enough). Eventually I got board with it and went onto another project. Stumbling across it again gave me an idea, with the weather changing and a large water storage lake near by, I thought it would be fun to reuse the parts and this time make a working model speed boat, hence the high speed Bix boat was born!

This looks like it could be a fun project!

Building the bixler boat

The progress so far! please check back again in a few weeks!

Bixler boat build

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