Mission: To Reuse a Crashed Bixler Part #2

The Bixboat close up

Right! I have finally moved forward with the Bix boat! It's now fitted with the Bixler motor, power drive and prop!

To give the boat steering I have added two rudders on the back with some small hinges. A servo taken from the Bixler wing has been glued behind the rudders and connected with some string. This was to create a pully system that moves the rudders left and right. Temporarily I have mounted an Orangerx receiver and speed controller at the back of the boat, to power them is an old slightly bloated Turnigy 2200mAh battery.

Below are some photos of the first few tests in my pond! The stability of the boat is not too good and I should of probably used a flat bottom hull, but for now I have worked round this problem!

Keep a lookout for the first test in the lake .......... will it come back?


Bixboat and the pond


It floats!! photo taken with the SJ4000 HD camera.

Bixboat going into the pond

The rudders don't seem to be that effective, I will try and add some larger ones..


Bixboat on the side of the pond


Look out for the lake test!!

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