Failed Test Flight!

AXN Close Up

Hey I just thought I would add this quick post. The website has not been updated for over a week now!

Its that busy time of year as Christmas is upon us ... but I did manage to get out and test fly the AXN Clouds Floater, even if it was for only a few minutes. The AXN Clouds Floater seems a great beginner plane, possibly better than the Bixler! but I could do with some more flying time to decide properly. The AXN feels very light and smooth to control. I guess that's why its called the "Clouds Floater"...

Anyway, watch the video below of my first (failed) test flight! It goes wrong towards the end. I was lucky not to damage the model...

There's a load more content to be added to the site. So do please check back over the coming weeks\months and remember this Christmas, if you fly a model plane,helicopter or drone, BE SAFE, BE LEGAL!

AXN RC Plane Close Up

AXN Clouds Floater RC Plane

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