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Unfortunately I've not added much to the website since Christmas. Partly because I had lost interest, got bad RSI in my hand, spent a lot of time mucking around with CCTV kit, and partly because its been winter and the weather has been poor. But this week is really starting to feel like summer is on its way. So I'm hoping to get out soon and have a proper flight with the AXN floater, which I now built back in December. Anyway, the video below you may of probably seen before, but when I first saw this I was amazed, someone had actually achieved getting an RC plane to this height and took some video.

These other videos show some amazing use of RC technology and where it might go in the future!

The Solara 50 has 5 Years flight time. Possible use internet connectivity to remote locations.

This Technology is been trialled by Amazon for delivery, but this little drone would actually be great for medical/organ delivery or even emergency relief delivery? Theirs just so many good uses...

And yep you may never know whats next, this one is a bit well .....? Inventive.

Finally - possibly the first RC helicopter...

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