This post will be part of my “What is series” explaining some of the common terms used when reading about radio controlled tech! In this short article I am going to explain "What is a drone!"

What is a drone?

No it’s not from Star wars or Star trek and there's probably a few in your town right now….… The definition of a drone in tech terms is simply an unmanned aircraft that can navigate with or without human intervention, it can be remote controlled or pilotless. You may also hear the word drone used when referring to unmanned ariel vehicles or for short “UAVs” .

Here are some breif examples of unmanned air vehicles (Drones).

UAV Jet (Military)

Global Hawk 1

UAV Plane (Radio control model)


Image provideid by UAVBritton.

UAV Quadcopter (These are very popular with videographers)

DJI Phantom 2 VisionPlus

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For a more in-depth look visit this Wikipedia article here!

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