This post is a little off topic.... but is related to technology, our world of technology and its bleak, serious and relevant to this time of year, in our cycle of peak consumption?

I haven't posted an article for some time and I do intend to finish the mini quad guide. But today while sat watching TV I came across this documentary, something of an eye opener, something we all really know but choose to ignore....

So I have decided to embed some clips to help publicize it, as this is what the documentary is trying to do, spread the word....

With so many pressures faced in the world, technological, automation, health, terrorist idealism, they have all been created by us. The money system we choose to live with, the ever need for more jobs , the constant growth that's required for more  jobs, more money ..... we're slowly destroying what we enjoy every day, our lives, our planet, our future, our security?.

How do we allow all of us to have a lively hood? for more and more people, pollute less and share our planets resources? we seem to be doing nothing but token gestures??;

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