I have been using my trusty OrangeRX module and receiver for sometime now and they've worked great! but the time has come to upgrade to something that has a few more features. I was looking for a module that could offer better range and supported telemetry using my Turnigy 9XR handset. After looking round I decided to buy the Frysky module and receiver kit (cheap from eBay). The kit contains the FrSky DJT Module which fits straight into the back of my Turnigy handset and the V8FR-II receiver which offers up to 8 channels.

Inside FrySky Kit Box

Binding the FrySky module and receiver is different to the OrangeRX system, so If you want to know how to bind them together follow these short steps below or watch my Youtube video!


Step 1) Plug the Frysky Module into the back of your handset and make sure the antenna is screwed on correctly.

Plugging in DJT Module


Step 2) Plug your servos and speed controller into the receiver.

Step 3) Switch on your handset and then press the white button on the Frysky module, hold it down for a few seconds and then release it, you should see the LED flash slowly. Put your handset to one side.

Pressing DJT Module bind button


Step 4) On the receiver press and hold the small micro switch "labeled F/S". Connect your lipo battery to your speed controller and power up the receiver, you should then see the small LED flash rapidly on the receiver, power everything off and that's the job done!

Pressing Bind Button


Your now ready for a test flight!

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