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The RadJet... I wonder why its called the RadJet! emmm.... If your looking for fun, fast fun then the Radjet maybe for you, its fast small red and pretty Rad!

It can be purchased from Hobbyking in two sizes and the RadJet 800 is the big brother. Its a foam plane with a wingspan measuring 800mm across, so its not that big in size. The shape reminds me of the SR-71 blackbird for some reason and its capable of some very high speeds, (See this video of someone who pimped it up to 140+ mph). For me the standard set-up is fast enough (about 60-70 mph). The Radjet has flaperons so its quite different to fly than the normal traditional aileron and rudder setup.

Building the plane is very simple as you literally just glue the two wings onto the fuselage and then glue the two tail fins into the wings, (this is on the PNF version - so you would expect it to be simple). Once the glue has dried you need to fit your receiver into the limited space inside and then use channel mixing on your radio to setup your flaperons - this took me longer than building the plane as I struggled to get the servos to move in time together. Because I had the PNF version the motor and ESC were already installed but you do need to fit your prop on the right way round?.

For your first flight you want to launch it using (nearly) full power as it takes a lot of speed to get lift, then once you've got some lift pull back on the power and quickly trim it up as it will begin to twist to one side. Now once trimmed you can begin to have some fast rad fun!  

The plane is fairly easy to fly but it does turn quickly so this takes some getting used to, also landing proves to be difficult as you carnt really glide it in. I used the recommended 1300mAh battery which gave me around 8 minutes of blasting around the sky before bringing it in.

thoroughly recommend the RadJet 800 for anyone who just wants to have some fun!

RadJet 800

Tech Specs:

Wingspan:  800mm

Length:  590mm

Flying Weight:  400g

Wing Area:  13.85dm2

Wing Loading:  28.9g/dm2

Other Requirements:

Motor: 1850kv Brushless Outrunner (If not fitted)

ESC: 20A w/BEC (If not fitted)

Servo: 9g x 2 (If not fitted)

4 Channel TX/RX with elevon mixing

1300mAh 3s Lipoly

RadJet First Flight Video

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