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One of the main reasons I brought my first ever RC plane was because it had a video camera. I was fascinated with what the world might look like from “up there”. Now with modern technology people can let their creativity flow like never before, especially with packaged quads like the DJI Phantom. Just take a look on Youtube and see some of the amazing vistas capture by all types of people around the world. Quads can offer viewpoints to inspire and amaze creating some awesome videography. This is a great use of technology.

 DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom 2

I have listed a few pieces of videography I thought were good! All made by random people, there quite amazing!

This one shows off some of Iceland’s beauty and is one of the best I’ve seen. The close-ups, atmospheric sound track and steady flying are great!

This video show some awesome boats and the music's pretty good, so I thought I would add it.

Thailand what a surreal looking place. This video shows the diverse range of landscapes from towns, country side, waterfalls and sea, again looks awesome with an atmospheric sound track.

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