A little bit of Quad learner fun!

Back last year I built my first ever Mini Quad, (you can find the article here). Unfortunately it never really got much flight time. Quads are completely different to RC planes and I found trying to fly it pretty difficult! So instead of completely destroying the Mini Quad, I thought it best to improve my skills using an indoor Micro Quad, and purchased one from HK (pictured below).

The HK Micro Quad - its a shame it was a dud, I guess I need to read the comments :(.

Hobby King Micro Quad

Extremefliers - Micro Quad...

Extremefliers Micro Quad Closeup


While at this years model show, I saw the Extremefliers Micro Quad on display and decided to buy one. Its fairly cheap (costs 40 pounds with the handset but no camera, which is more). At the time I didn't realize that Extremefliers had been on Dragons Den a few years ago. I think there only a small company based in Exeter. Anyway, after trying out this little thing I realized it was pretty awesome for what it is; a cheap fast, fun - plastic ceiling destroyer.... Just practising with this for 5 or 6 times got me used to manoeuvring.

Its pretty amazing how small the motors are and how agile this quad can be, I can see why its called the "speedy edition". After practising around the house for about a week I had finally mastered quad flying. And now feeling much more confident about flying the Mini quad. The power difference between the two quads is quite noticeable, even though the larger Mini Quad is not that agile, this is probably down to the KK2 board, but for now I'm happy I can actually fly the Mini quad around the garden with out causing much damage!

For anyone who wants to learn or maybe just wants some fun I found this little Micro Quad great! Here are the specs for the Extremefliers Micro Quad if your interested;

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor flying
  • Complete gyro control
  • Up to 120 Meters Range
  • 300mAh Battery Flight time 6-8 minutes
  • Transmitter 2.4GHZ
  • Size:15 x 15 x 4cm
  • Weight: 34g

Extreem Micro Quad

The Extreem Micro Quad

The Extreem Micro Quad Hand Set

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