OK, I had seen this one a few times on HobbyKing's website, and while I was making an order for some batteries, I decided to buy yet another RC plane.

Photo during the build

Model T-28 Funfighter


The budget was set to around forty pounds, and after looking through the hobbyking website I had made a short list of 4 planes. The Durafly Critical Mass, the MXSR, Geebee R3 and finally the T-28 funfighter. Reading through the comments of the funfighter, people had been saying things like "it was on rails" and "a great plane to fly", so this tipped my decision and I decided to buy one! The specs are as follows:

Tech Specs:

Length: 505mm

Wing Span: 650mm

Weight: 315g

Prop Size: 5.5x4.5

Motor: 2825-1950kv Brushless out-runner motor

ESC: 20A Supports S4 battery

Servos: 3 x 8gram

Battery:850 mAh S3/S4 20C Lipo

Photo of the built T-28 Funfighter!

Model T-28 Funfighter Completed

The day after I had made the order the plane arrived, quick delivery by Hobbyking! Looking in the box I didn't realize how small this plane was, its the smallest model I have attempted to fly. The plane itself looks like the name suggests "Fun - Fighter", its got a sort of cartoon stumpy nose and a mischievous look to its shape. Supplied In the box you get (this is a PNP version) the fuselage, wings, tail plane, vertical stabilizer and then fitted the 2825-1950kv brushless motor and 3 well glued in servos. Finally the ESC, which is just a blue block and two very cheap looking spare props are at the bottom of the box, the plane does come with a 3rd prop, but its the one already fitted. To build the model only takes around 10 minutes, you just glue the wing to the fuselage, glue the tail peace on the fuselage and then finally glue the vertical stabilizer in place, nice and simples!

Please checkout the flight video on YouTube and as always, please do comment and let me know what you think!

T-28 Funfighter first flight!

Timelapse of the build!

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