The HobbyKing goDiscover, It looks pretty smart in the pictures. It’s a wing configuration plane with a large broad wingspan, great for taking some weighty FPV gear! - or is it ??


goDiscover RC Plane

The bulky shape allows for plenty of internal space, located at its nose is the tinted camera dome which houses a pan tilt camera gimbal, ready to fit your GoPro camera and get some great shots! At the back of the model is a small hatch where the 40 amp speed controller can be connected to a hefty 800Kv motor spinning a 10inch prop. But unfortunately this is where it starts to fall apart - literally.

The photo is of the second one I have built. The first which I had put together very carefully, never got off the ground... Hobbyking was very good and did send out a replacement with no questions asked! It seemed to have a week motor mount and the prop got snagged on the back of the plane, meaning mine ripped its self apart! This appears to be a common fault, a quick search online reveals other people who have had similar experiences.

So just a word of warning, even though the idea behind the goDiscover is good, if you do purchase one you will need to do some DIY and modify its motor mount and prop. Otherwise you can see what happened to mine below.




This is a short video of the original goDiscover that I was building. I had planned to make a 3 part video series but unfortunately with it braking I never got to video 2..

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